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As you will understand, with the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down most normal business, we are not able to despatch orders for the time being. Thank you for your patience. We shall resume operations as soon as we possibly can.

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NEW ... Take a look at some of the equipment we use in our workshop for magneto servicing and overhauls.



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Brightspark Magnetos offers a range of affordable, standard levels of service to those who need help with their magnetos. Our full 'magneto service' is designed for the owner who just wants the thing sorted. Our 'armature service' is aimed at those who are happy to pull their magneto apart down to the armature, but are reluctant to delve deeper, for example to disconnect the old condenser prior to fitting an EasyCap. Our 'remagnetisation' service is there for people who don't have the necessary equipment to remagnetise a tired magnet. 

In summary:


Magneto Service

Armature Service


Disassemble the magneto



Extract the old condenser


Re-connect the armature so that the magneto can use an EasyCap


Check the integrity and performance of the LT and HT coils, cold and hot


Clean the slip ring and conduct high-tension test, cold and hot


Remagnetise the body


Check the bearings and their insulators, re-shim the bearings if necessary, and grease them



Check the pick-ups (if provided) and conduct high-tension test, cold and hot



Reassemble the magneto



Fit the appropriate EasyCap, and clean and adjust the points



Conduct final tests, cold and hot, on the assembled magneto



Provide a full report

Our fee:

From GB£ 70.00

From GB£ 35.00

From GB£ 18.00

In more detail:







Magneto Service



Armature Service




You need to send us the complete magneto, preferably with its pick-up(s), HT lead(s) and plug cap(s) so that we can check them too. It's nice if the magneto is reasonably clean; if it's filthy, we may ask you to agree to an additional charge for cleaning it before we start work on it. In the case of magdynos, please remove the dynamo and as much of its drive train as possible before sending us the magneto. If the magneto has manual advance-retard, please remove the control cable if possible.

We will disassemble the magneto, testing each component as we go, and let you have a full report of our findings. If any additional work or parts seem necessary, we will let you know what, why, and the cost, before incurring any additional expense. We will then reassemble the magneto, conduct final tests and let you know the results.

If there is a lot wrong with a magneto, the customer may decide not to proceed with having it put right. About half of the work in our magneto service goes into stripping it down, checking its components and reporting to the customer. Therefore, if the job is halted at that stage, we charge half of our full service charge.

In the case of four (or more) cylinder distributor magnetos, we make an additional charge of GB£ 20.00 for disassembling, reassembling and checking the operation of the distributor.



You need to send us the magneto armature, with or without bearing inner races and slip-ring.

In the case of post-WW2 Lucas magnetos,  the main body of the magneto can happily be left without the armature or any other keeper without significantly affecting the magnet strength. However, in the case of other magnetos (including BTH), it is important that the armature is not removed (even for a split second) from the magneto body, unless an external keeper is applied. We suggest placing the pole pieces of the magneto body between the jaws of a large steel or cast iron vice before the armature is removed, and leaving it there until after the armature has been replaced.

We will test the windings, condenser and (if provided) the slip ring. Assuming the old condenser needs replacing, we will dismantle the armature, extract the old condenser, and reconnect the windings so that the magneto can use an EasyCap. If a rewind or new slip ring appears necessary, we will advise you why and the cost before incurring any additional expense.

Please note that when you subsequently reassemble the magneto, you may need to shim the armature differently, and that may possibly require the inner race of one of the bearings to be removed again.



This service is offered only for instruments having a 2 inch or 2-11/64" diameter armature (which covers most Lucas and BTH magnetos).

In the case of post-WW2 Lucas magnetos, you need to send us just the main body of the magneto. It does not need a keeper.

However, in the case of other magnetos (including BTH), it is important that the armature is not removed (even for a split second) from the magneto body after remagnetisation, unless an external keeper is applied. You should therefore also send us the armature, loosely placed in the magneto body, and it should be in a condition such that it won't subsequently need to be removed from the main body once you receive it back (e.g. bearings in place and already greased).

We will remagnetise the magnet, measuring the magnet strength before and after, and let you know the percentage increase in magnet strength.

We do not have the facilities at present for remagnetising flywheel magnetos.

Generally ...

Additional work and parts:

The prices mentioned above are exclusive of EasyCap condensers and any additional parts and work. In the event that any additional work or parts seem necessary, we will contact you to discuss the matter and seek further instruction before incurring any cost. If there is a problem with the windings, we can arrange for your armature to be rewound, such work being guaranteed. Should there be a problem with your slip-ring, bearings, bearing insulators or oil seal, we can replace them. If the earth track could benefit from skimming, we can attend to that.

We will never charge for 'extras' without prior consultation - and your express agreement. So there are no hidden traps. However, even close visual inspection cannot reveal every defect in a magneto. The risk exists that a job which looks straightforward even to an experienced eye, turns out to be harder. For example, sometimes a low tension tail from a coil has become so fragile that it will break in the disassembly process; sometimes slip rings and the tail of the HT winding are burnt beyond repair. If additional work or parts are needed, we'll come straight back to you, with photos if necessary, explaining the problem clearly. We hope you'll appreciate that in the event additional work is needed, it will never be because we decided to 'make the job bigger.'

Turn round time:

We are very busy and no longer able to offer our initial quick turn round times for magneto and armature servicing. Please enquire if turn round time is an issue. However, we can usually remagnetise magneto bodies within a couple of working days. If an armature needs rewinding, that adds a few weeks to the time scale.

Post and packing:

Please ensure that magnetos and armatures are well packed when sending them to us. The compensation available from the basic postal services for loss or damage is pitifully small. Return postage is charged at cost, using whatever postal or courier service you require. We do not accept any responsibility for loss of, or damage to, an item during transit to us or return to you. However, in the event of a problem, we will provide all reasonable assistance to you in making a claim against the delivery service.

EU only:

Due to potential customs difficulties, we offer our services only to customers in the European Union. However, see below for other service providers.


Our preferred form of payment for servicing work is by bank transfer. We also accept cash (GB pounds or Euros) and cheques in GB pounds drawn on a British bank. Payment by Paypal is also possible, provided that the customer covers the Paypal fee. Magnetos will not be returned to customers until full payment has been received.

If you would like to go ahead ...


Customers requiring these services should in the first instance contact us by e-mail at

Please state:

  • Your name, full address and telephone number.

  • The make and model of magneto, and preferably the make, model and year of the machine to which it is to be fitted.

  • Which service you require.

  • Any known problems with the item (such as a leaking oil seal).

  • Whether you will also require any EasyCaps, and if so how many of each type.

Nos clients, désireux de tels services, doivent nous contacter avant tout par courriel à l’adresse suivante:

Nous pouvons vous aider soit en français. Merci d’indiquer dans votre courriel :

  • Vos nom et prénom, adresse complète & n° de téléphone.

  • La marque et le modèle de magnéto, et de préférence la marque, le modèle et l'année de la machine à laquelle il doit être installé.

  • Quel service dont vous avez besoin.

  • Si, à votre connaissance, il y a déjà des problèmes techniques (comme « présence d'huile interne », etc.)

  • Si vous avez besoin d'un (ou plus) condensateur(s) « EasyCap » et si « oui », quel(s) modèle(s) & combien ?

Other Service Providers

Please note that these other providers have their own terms, conditions and pricing structures.

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